What’s a Fuel Monitoring system?

Fuel Monitoring system is specifically designed to provide live fuel level, fuel consumption and fuel refilling details of your vehicles. This system utilized to control, maintain and monitor fuel usage in transport & logistics industry

Fuel Monitoring and Control

Why do we Need It?

The major obstacles in transport industry are monitor & conserve the fuel usage. Our system specifically designed to track live fuel level, how the fuel consumed by your vehicle and volume of fuel purchased and finally amount of fuel used in a trip. These systems can then be coupled with an online fuel management in order to maintain complete fueling data and to also coordinate with an automated fuel management system. Furthermore, you can also control the consumption, analysis of costs and finally, tax accounting when it comes to the purchases of fuel.

Fuel consumption analysis

We can carry out high precision Live Fuel level tracking with the help of our high quality Fuel Monitoring systems. This analysis is generated in the form of a graph which is nothing but the fuel consumption in the target vehicle corresponding to the time. This chart may be utilized to read the fuel consumption at various intervals of time. It is very clear to understand and helps you make best use of your Fuel Monitoring system.

Fuel Monitoring and Control

Live Fuel Level

Live fuel level can be defined as the current fuel level which is indicated on the vehicle fuel level meter. This is an instantaneous which is a direct function of time.Be it anytime and anywhere, you can now monitor your fuel consumption activity even from the comfort of your mobile phone. It’s that easy!.

Fuel Refill Details

Whenever you add fuel to your vehicle, it is recorded into your Fuel Monitoring system. The entered values include how many liters of fuel added along with the corresponding date and time as well. This data is called as Fuel Refill details.

Fuel Downfall Report

(Fuel Theft Control)

One of the highlight features of our Fuel Monitoring systems is that in situations where there is a possible drop in fuel level which could be because of any of the following causes:

  • There could’ve been some sort of fuel leakage.
  • There is a sleek possibility of a theft of fuel.

This change in fuel level is monitored by our Fuel Monitoring systems which is also backed up by live GPS software support which is provided by us. It becomes very much easy to monitor how much fuel is dropped at what time and which particular location as well. Such high level of technology in our Fuel Tracking systems is what sets us apart from the rest.

What do we do?

We specialize in the installation of sensors into the fuel tank of your vehicle along with Trackobox GPS device to gather and transfer the data from the sensor and make sure that it’s stored onto the server. With the help of our trackobox mobile app or web browser, you can track your vehicle fuel status anytime and anywhere

How does a fuel monitoring system work?

The working of a fuel monitoring system is rather easy. The system makes note of the fuel level with the help of a highly accurate sensor which is then fed into a GPS device. The readings are then fed into a server from where it can be accessed on our trackobox mobile app or even a browser as well.


Customized Reports

That’s not all! In case you require customized fuel consummation reports from our Fuel Monitoring systems, we can modify the app top meet these requirements as well. These reports will be generated with the necessary details as per the requirements of the customer.
Furthermore, we also provide end to end support as well which involves monitoring of fuel consumption, expenses occurred and also initiate the sending of reports on a weekly, monthly or even daily basis. However, this type of end to end support is only provided on demand only.
GPS Tracking system on laptop

Trackobox Tracking System



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